Info on George

Name: George Harold Harrison
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 142
Birthday: 25 February 1943
Died (sadly),: 29 November 2001
Favourite Colour: Purple
First band: The Quarry Men (which turned into The Beatles)
Hair: Dark brown
eyes: Brown
Favourite food: Veggie burgers (he was a vegan!)
Favourite Music: Hillybilly
Favourite Singer: Little Richard
Likes: Drive-In Movies
Favourite type of girl: friendly
Brothers and sisters: 2 brothers and 1 sister

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


On drums with Ringo.

Before a show.


Fixing an amp.

On a boat with Astrid in Germany.

Singing at a show in Germany.

With a early girlfriend.

Opening fan mail.

sitting on a chair during a photo shoot.

George's trading card.

During a scene in A Hard Day's Night.

Lookin' good

At the cavern club.

During the dressing room scene in A Hard Day's Night.

With his guitar.

Getting Photo bombed by Paul.

Pretty shot.

I love his smile :)

During the parody of A Mis Summer Night's Dream.

With his guitar again.

In a pool. I believe during Help! but i am not quite sure.

During a press conference.

Landing in America in 1964.

Another press conference.

With Ringo at the premiere of A Hard Day's Night.

Being silly.

Very nice hair. This is the original 'Bieber hair' The Beatles started the mop-top hair style not Justine Bieber!

Photo from the cover of A Hard Day's Night.

Playing Guitar

Having Tea

Playing Monopoly.

At a hotel.

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