Info on George

Name: George Harold Harrison
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 142
Birthday: 25 February 1943
Died (sadly),: 29 November 2001
Favourite Colour: Purple
First band: The Quarry Men (which turned into The Beatles)
Hair: Dark brown
eyes: Brown
Favourite food: Veggie burgers (he was a vegan!)
Favourite Music: Hillybilly
Favourite Singer: Little Richard
Likes: Drive-In Movies
Favourite type of girl: friendly
Brothers and sisters: 2 brothers and 1 sister

Saturday, May 21, 2011

65 and 66


Another serious one

Different angle from the one above

Gear costume.

Got a bit of a lazy eye there

Another almost lazy eye looking thing

Sexy hair ;)

From Help!


Cowboy Harrison

Look at those eyes! :)

Holding his persian cat

On the streets of Liverpool

Shea stadium concert



With a magnifying glass


From Rain video

Fab glasses


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